Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Over the last few years, I would travel to the mountains of NC a lot.  I would come up to be with my mother.  She did not know I was her daughter but she was happy to see me.  On her good days, she asked what I was doing.  Can you imagine now to explain what a blog is to an 80+ lady?  I finally said I am sending letters to people.  To help her understand, I let her read these letters.  She said oh that's nice.  As time when by and more she read, she asks, why did I leave out Jesus? I used the word, God. She would say I know that, but I said, Jesus.   She asked me, Why are you being positive?  Who is the real reason why you are positive?  Who is your example of being positive?  I tried to explain that I had placed in my blog that talked about God.  She said that is good but where is Jesus?  The more I tried to explain the more questions she had about Jesus.

The question she asked me that stopped me in my tracks was.   Are you ashamed of Jesus?  Are you afraid to say, Jesus?  No Momma I am not ashamed and I am not afraid.  She said really - Read your words.   I was not intentionally leaving out the word Jesus.  I was not trying to be religious.  I was just trying to get people to live a more positive life vs negative life. 

Now that my momma has passed I still hear her questions.  Are you ashamed of Jesus? Are you afraid of saying the word, Jesus?  My answer is No.  No, I am not ashamed of Jesus.  No, I am not afraid to say, the name Jesus.  I am a Christian.  I am who I am today because of Jesus Christ ... A Sinner Saved by Jesus' Blood.  And I will see my mother again when I go to heaven.  But more importantly, I will see Jesus.  He died for me on the cross.  Thank you, Jesus, for everything you have done for me and everyone in the world.

My mother asked me to put more Jesus in my Letters to the World.  So in honor of my mother's request, I will.

In the summer before the 1st grade, I spent a week in Greenville, SC with my great Aunts.  One night I could not sleep.  My Aunt found me up and we started talking.  When she asked me about Jesus, I said I was too young - that is what the adults had told me.   Then she said if you could ask Jesus for 1 thing what would it be?  I said I do not have a real friend, I would like to have a real friend.  My aunt told me Jesus would be my best friend if I ask him to be.  So I closed my eyes and asked Jesus to be my best friend.  And He is my best friend.

That is why I do not think about my relationship with Jesus as being religious.  He is my best friend.  Sometimes I don't talk with him (pray).  Sometimes I don't read his love letters to me (The Holy Bible).  Sometimes I do what I what to do instead of doing what I know He wants me to do.  When I am hurt and broken, Jesus is always there to hold me and help me.  I love Jesus and I know He loves me too.

Jesus reminds me, I am a living soul and I  have a body.  What do I connect to my soul?


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