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I have read many versions of the holy scripture, many books, lessons, and listened to many speakers.  These bible verses have helped me thru a lot in both happiness and sorrow.  This is what these Bible verses say to me.

1 CHRONICLES 4:8-10  KJV 2000

VERSE 8:  And Koz begat Anub and Zobebah, and the families of Aharhel the son of Harum.

VERSE 9:  And Jabez was more honorable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying Because I bore him with sorrow.

VERSE 10:  And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.

In verses 1-8:  There is a long list of men and their sons ...  Then Jabez interrupted the scripture in the list of descendants.  He was different and honorable. Even thru it is not clear who his father is, it is clear he is in the line of the Tribe of Judah.  The Tribe of Judah is the King's bloodline.  The scriptures indicated that he was always honorable.
Jabez's name meant he caused pain and sorrow.  The verses do not say if he received the name Sorrow / Pain because of Mental, Physical, Social or Economic sorrow to his mother.  A loss of a husband could have been all of these for his mother.  All we know is when his mother looked on her son & she named him.  Naming the child is the father's position in the family, but Her sorrow and pain were so great that she called him Jabez - Sorrow and Pain.

Jabez came to a place in his life that he wanted things to be different.  He did not want the same old experience that all the other brothers, neighbors, and the men in verses 1-8 had.  Jabez wanted more and better, but honorable.  And he prayed.

Jabez prayed, You would bless me indeed!  Jabez did not ask for a one-time blessing, he asked for a God size blessing.  A miraculous presence not for just for his family but to bless his community.  

Jabez prayed to enlarge his borders.  He wanted more fields and more animals and more workers to help people with food and money, just like people helped his mother. Becoming wealthy and honorable meant, Jabez got the position to sit in the gate (a town lawyer or town judge) to help people with their problems. In today's language, A man would pray to own a large company to employ all the people in his community.  Because he was a leader in the city, he would also be a political leader for all ... after all, he is in the King's bloodline. Or If he became a lawyer to help people, he would become the best lawyer, and then became the best judge to help people.

Jabez prayed for God's hand to be on him.  He did not want a one-time blessing but a relationship with God and His hand continually on him.

Jabez prayed For God to keep him from evil.  Because he was honorable, when God gives him wealth and power, he did not want sin in his life.  Jabez did not want to do evil to people.  He did not want others to do harm to him.  More importantly, Jabez wanted God to keep the evil one away from him.

Jabez prayed it would not grieve me.  He did not want to be the source of pain, and he did not want to be in pain anymore.  He knew only God and give God size miracles.

God granted his prayer.  God changed his life.  At the beginning of verse 9, Zabez was the source of sorrow and pain.  With God's blessings at the end of verse 10, he became the overcomer of grief and pain for himself and his family and his community.


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