Saturday, May 16, 2020



For me, one of the hardest parts about COVID-19 is THE RULES.

I am still uncomfortable introducing myself and not shaking hands. My great-uncle taught me to shake hands at the beginning and end of a business conversation. Your word was sealed with a handshake. 
The other part about NO TOUCHING is touch is a positive motivator.    A pat on the back meant a good job.  A hug said I am here for you. 
#PositiveIdeaSay, Write, Post - some positive words of encouragement.

This rule, I do not like.  How do you carry on a conversation with someone 6' part?  Inside a building, it is more comfortable to talk. I feel very distant.   Being outside with all the noise and being 6' apart, I can not always understand what the other person is saying.  I have to say, "I am sorry, what did you say?"  I fell like I am yelling at the other person, and the other person is yelling at me.
#PositiveIdea: Use Video Chat to keep up with people.

#TheMASK - I do not mean this to offend anyone. 
I am not a doctor. I do not have a medical degree. Over the past 50+ years, I have helped with a lot of sick people, including my children's health issues. From everything I have read in medical journals and medical personal I have talked to, it traps your carbon dioxide and other poisons you breathe out.  You breathe in the trapped toxins back into your lungs. A medical mask is not meant for people to wear them for an extended period. People need to breathe in fresh oxygen.  
When I wear a mask, I feel confined and trapped.  Sometimes I have breathing issues. I have trouble breathing with something over my mouth.
#PositiveIdea: Change your HVAC filters once a month.  In your home, get plants to help purify the air.  Go somewhere where are trees and plants to breathe in good air.

#CONFINEMENT:  Because of COVID-19, I mainly stay in a 10x10 room with no windows, my office.  It can get very lonely being single and by yourself day in and day out.  I am very thankful I have adult children who I can see in person, I can call, text, and video chat.
#PositiveIdeaAt my office, after everyone leaves, I walk to get in some exercise.

COVID-19 has changed how people interact with each other.  I am asking for everyone to love everyone and help meet the needs of the people around you.  My grandfather said, "Don't look down on people.  You are only one breath away from being that person.  Help everyone you can.  So when you need help. there are people to help you."


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