Saturday, May 9, 2020



I have asked to give this subject a little bit of positive.

Examples of people are spending positive time together.  

A friend said she is getting to know her son and her son is getting to know her.  She said she understands her son and his sense of humor better.  Before she thought he was just being mean but she learned it was his dry humor.  Now when he says something off the wall, they just laugh.   She also found out he can sing and really good at card games.  Now if he wants to play on his #ComputerGames, he has to play card games with his family.  She said Win-Win.  She also said to watch tv, she has to use the treadmill.  Her husband said win-win.

I was talking to a couple.  She said all the neighbors come outside about the same time every evening to get fresh air.  Every family takes turns walking up and down the street waving at the neighbors and saying HI.  That is creative

A teenager said in order to see her boyfriend she has to sit in the family car in her driveway while her mom and dad sit on the porch.  Her boyfriend parks in his sport and they look at each other and talk on their cell phones.  Now that's funny.  She said that is better than face time all the time.

I was talking to a grandmother, she said she is not taking her pain meds and her high blood pressure medician.  This slower lifestyle is great.

A mother said she is having fun cooking real meals with real food for her family.  She is loving working from home.  She is not doing the hurry up and heat-up the meals.  There is no more hurry-hurry in her house.  Then later she made a post she is going to miss this when everyone goes back to being busy again.  My committed is: ask &  see if you can work from home late.  You are now. :) 

When this Pandemic is over and we go about your life.  Remember you are living your lives now.  Decide now how you want to live your life.  Slower can be better.  



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