Thursday, January 16, 2020

Practice What You Preach

My Grandfather's Wisdom in Riddles


As I was growing up on the farm, my grandfather often said these one-liners that I still remember.  Some of my grandfather's statements:

     Walk one foot in front of the other, so you walk straight on your path.

     Actions speak louder than words, what story are you telling?
     When people look at your life, let your actions and wolds mean the same thing.
     Say what you mean and mean what you say.
     Say what you do and do what you say.

     The one that I remember the most is: Practice what you preach.

My grandfather often spoke in riddles, I did not understand "practice what you preach." I am a female and raised Southern Baptist. What did he mean by practicing preaching?  In the '70s, women didn't preach.   Do I preach to the farm animals?  I was so confused.

One day I overheard some adults talking about a man disappearing. The ladies of the church were taking some food to the lady and school/church clothes for the children.

When I asked my grandfather what happened to the man? How did he just disappear? Did aliens get him?  My grandfather said the man did not practice what he preached.  Now I am baffled.  He was not a preacher.  What did preaching have anything to do with disappearing?   I asked one more time ... what does it mean to "practice what you preach?"  He said our neighbor said he loved his wife and family, but he hurt them by having another family with a secret woman.  What he said did not match his actions.

So practice what you preach, also means let your actions and words mean the same thing.  Before you do anything, ask yourself, is this the sermon you want to preach?  Before you say anything, ask yourself, is this the sermon you want to preach?




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