Monday, January 6, 2020

David and Goliath Bible Story


When my son was ten-year-old, he acted out his perspective of the Bible Story: David and Goliath.  
It was time for a Bible story. My son volunteered to tell the story as a one-person show.  

Levi stood up, I choose David, a young boy around 14-years-old.

(He stand up on the couch in a deep voice.)   
Goliath: Do you have a warrior? Do you have just one person who will stand up to me?   
(He laughed into his hands and made the laugh echo.)  

(Then he would jump down on his knees in a mousey voice.)  
Israel men:  We are afraid. Goliath will kill us.  

(He runs to his room and gets his slingshot with no rocks. He walked into the room Singing Jesus loves me. He walked over to us. Standing tall.)   
David: Who is that on the mountain?   

(He jumped down on his knees in a mousey voice.)  
David's Brother: David get down.  Goliath and he is going to kill us. We are afraid.  

(He stood up and got up on the coffee table.)  
David: I will fight you in the name of Israel’s God.  

(He got up on the couch.)  
Goliath: You are a child. I will feed you to the birds. HA-HA, 
(He opened up his arms in laughter.)  

(He got on the coffee table. Goliath laughs, and David swings.)   
David: Goliath and all the Philistine warriors will die today. I will sling this stone in the name of Israel’s God.  
(David hits Goliath. Goliath is dead.) 

(My son gets on the couch and stands on Goliath - a pillow and with a hand over eyes.)  
David: I am looking, but all of the Philistines are running away.   
(David was the hero and he praised God.)
Sunday Morning in Sunday School:   
After the lesson, a question was asked: “Why did David get 5 stones”?   
My son responded 1 for Goliath and 4 for the other generals, and the other Israel warriors will get the rest.   
That morning I did not say anything at church, but it made me think. When we got home, I asked him about his answer. My sons answered ... 1 stone per person per town, you know leaders.  
My son said more truth than I realized. In an Adult Bible study, I found it. There were 5 Philistine warriors named in a Bible Study - Goliath, Ishbibi-Benob, Lahmi, Saph, and Gath - the Giant with 6 fingers each hand and 6 toes each foot. (2 Samuel 21) My son remembered and I did not.  Out of the mouths of babes. 

David was a 14-year-old boy and Goliath was a grown man and a giant,  As with the lion and bear, David know God's protection. 


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