Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Travel Challenge Color Blind


The Travel Challenge Color Blind

I stopped at a rest area.  There was a man who looked like he need help.  He had dropped his key and could not find it.  After I found his key, we started talking.  I asked why could he not see the key?  All I see are shades of light and dark.  The doctor's call it shades of "GRAY."  I don't know what gray is, so I can't disagree.  As we were talking, he made a comment; sometimes, I wish everyone could see the way I see.  I asked Why?  People could not argue over skin color, and he laughed.  Don't they understand that color is only skin deep?  Then he said something interesting, I don't see color, but I see the light and darkness.  Some people have a glow/light around them, and others have a cloud/darkness around them.  The people he pointed out to have light looked like they were happy.  The people that he pointed out to be dark liked like they were sad or upset.

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