Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Travel Challenge Thankfulness

The Travel Challenge Thankfulness

Jesus showed me something today and changed how I am presenting the blog this month.

I shop at #DollorStore often.  I buy these $1 Composition Books.

The first page is called THANKFULNESS.

I asked them to make a personal list of everything they are currently thankful for, no matter how small.   Before the list was "Thank You Jesus for:" or "Thank you God for:".  I ask for them to look at the list as much as they can and repeat it in prayer, read the list out loud (if possible) at every night and every morning for 15 min or along as you can.  let this list be the first and last thing you do every day.  This ides came from when I was having trouble with depression and in a very dark place in my life.  Before reading my list before I went to sleep, I was having nightmares and during the day I was having panic attacks.  My list just helped me get thru the day.

Future Thankfulness
A lady asked if she could put AIR on her list.  I said yes, no matter how small. But why air?  She said she has asthma and sometimes I can't breathe.  I said Oh yes, please.  She wrote down, Thank you, Jesus, for the air you are giving me so I can breathe. She understood the heart of the list.  That is the second point of Thankfulness.  When you have a need, instead of saying God I don't have so I need or God I have to have.  Look at what you truly need and pray a prayer of thankfulness for what you need.
Good Example:  You are needing a better paying job.  Then you can pray, Thank you, Jesus, for the job you are preparing me for.  Help me see your hand of prevision whether it is here or another job.
Bad Example: I know a girl she needed transportation for work, There was a bus stop in front of the apartment and at work.  Someone at her work gave her a bus pass for a month to help, so she would not miss work.  She declined it because she did not want to ride a BUS.  She said I need a car, not a bus.  Sometimes your needs are met.  You don't see the blessing before you because your attitude is it is not good enough.

For more information search "Before You Sleep."

In All Things Be Thankful

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