Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Travel Challenge Overcomer

The Travel Challenge Overcomer

Jesus showed me something today and changed how I am presenting the blog this month.

I shop at #DollorStore often.  I buy these $1 Composition Books.

The last page is called OVERCOMER.

I ask the person to write down one thing they need to get done.  Write your goal using a positive statement. List positive facts using the "SMART" Goals to achieve the goal.
As you achieve each line on your list, strick thru it.
Then when you have achieved everything on your list, revisit the list and evaluate if there is anything missing.  When everything on the list is done you have OVERCOME  that goal.  You are a Winner!

Example:  A lady and I were talking about her goals and what she had done and what was left on her list.  She had gotten a job with flexible work hours. She had gotten a small car.  She had gotten a house by taking care of her mother.  The BIG goal was going to school for her degree.  She could not go to the supervisor position until she received an associate degree.  She had been in and out of schools several times due to sickness in her family.  She was at the point in her life she said I have to get my degree.  I asked how long or how many classes will it take for you to get the degree. She said I don't know.  I suggested to talk to the department advisor and see how many classes and how long will it take. She wrote down all the core classes needed and they strike thru the classes she did not have to take.  The list showed her, she only needed a few classes to graduate.  She graduated in December of the next year by taking classes at night.  She saw me a few months after her graduation.  She said she had no idea she was so close to getting her degree.

Most people miss out in life because they stop right before the victory.

Search BE SMART in this blog, for an explanation of SMART Goals.

Plan to be an Overcomer.

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