Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Travel Challenge Positive Decisions

The Travel Challenge Positive Decisions

Jesus showed me something today and changed how I am presenting the blog this month.

I shop at #DollorStore often.  I buy $1 Composition Books.

The middle page is called POSITIVE DECISIONS.

This part of the book I ask for people to write down what they have trouble with and then a positive decision.

Bible Example: Daniel decided he would pray to God no matter what the law was.  Joseph decides he was keeping himself pure.

Example:  I have a problem with overeating and eating the wrong things.  When I am tempted with to eating dessert, I remember I have to walk 1 mile for every 100 calories,  Am I willing to walk the miles to eat the dessert?

Example:  I have a friend that has a problem with drinking.  His decision is When I am tempted to drink, I will walk away and I call my sponsor and only be around people who will not drink.


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