Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Travel Challenge Nashville Band




The Travel Challenge Nashville Band

I stopped at the Nashville Rest Area.  As I was walking around, I noticed a group of musicians.  You know, small drum, guitars, and singers. the typical country band.  One of the guys asks did I have a song I would like for them to play for me.  I don't know, do you all know anything Christian?  Oh yes, they started playing some hymns.  Their 4 part harmony was great. Then when I walked by again I heard them sing a Christian song that they wrote.  So I stopped and listened. We started talking again.  They asked me about my limp.  I told them about the accident and how I learned to walk again.  They started singing Philippians 4:13.

lead singer ... backup & the crowd     The song went something like ...

Oh Yes, I Can … In Jesus Name
Oh Yes, I Will … In Jesus Name
I Can Do … In Jesus Name
All Things … In Jesus Name
Through Christ … In Jesus Name
In Christ’s Strength …In Jesus Name
Who Strengthens Me … In Jesus Name
In Jesus Name ... In Jesus Name

To the Band, thank you for singing.  I will never forget you guys.

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