Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Travel Challenge Heart Transplant




The Travel Challenge Heart Transplant

One morning at breakfast I met a man in his 90's at a #ChoiceHotel in IL.  He was on this way to see his heart doctors.  I ask how is your heart.  He said my heart died 20 years ago, but the transplant is doing just fine thank you.  He said the doctors said the transplanted heart would only beat for about 5-10 years at the most.  He laughed.  He looked at me and said we showed them.  What a sense of humor.

I asked if you could give the world one message, what would it be? 
He said ... Love, Love, Love.  Love every day as if you were dying. 
His Story:
When I found out 20+ years ago I was dying, the first thing I made sure, everything was good between me and the Lord Jesus. Every morning, every night, and every time I saw my wife, I said I love you with a kiss.  Then I went to everyone I could and said I love you.  If there was strife between me and them, I tried to make things right and even say I was sorry, even when I did not know what was wrong.
Then when I got the transplant and the doctors said I was going to be ok for 5-10 years.  I told my wife, I am going to stay retired and We are going to live.  We are living every day as if it was our last.  And that is what we have done for the past 20+ years.  He said Life is to short to hate.


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