Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Travel Challenge Custodian




The Travel Challenge Custodian

I was at a rest area in the great State of #Tennessee.  When I see the Custodians and Maintenance Workers and the people fill the vending machines, I try to mark a point of saying Thank You.

As I came around the corner not watching what I was doing.  I almost bumped into a Custodian worker.  After apologizing, he asked where I was from.   He was telling me stories about my home county in the mountains for NC, the Moonshiners, The Revenuers, fights on election day, the old road that when to nowhere unless you knew where you were going. As we were laughing, a man walked by, dropped a paper and just looked at the custodian.  As I picked up the paper, the custodian said that kind of person I don't like.  I ask why.  He said they think they are better than me, but I am the one who cleans the toilet that they put their butts on.  If it was not for people like me, their restrooms would not be useable because they can not clean up after themselves.

After a few minutes, a lady brought by her husband to the man and asked her husband to say thank you for cleaning the restroom.  And he did and said sorry.  A small victory, but it was a victory.


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