Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Travel Challenge Blood Cancer




The Travel Challenge Blood Cancer

I meet an older lady who needed help getting to a seat in the shade.  I stayed with her until I knew she was okay.  As she was getting her breath, we talked.  She is in her 80's. She said a lady never says her true age, but she is happy she made it past 80.  She has had breast cancer and they were removed.  She had female cancer and those parts were removed.  Then her skin started losing its color (the pigment).   She noticed her hands were turning white almost see-thru (Vitiligo) and then on her arms and then she noticed it on her legs and now Vitiligo is all over her body.  She said, "I lost everything that made me a female. I lost what made me my race (her skin color). Then I lost my hair."  She lifted her hat.  "All of the cancer treatments and medicines are changing my body.  I can't be in the sun much so I wear long sleeves and a hat.  I have learned to love nights.  Today I am traveling to my cancer doctor.  My doctor will be giving me the result of my blood cancer."  I asked if I could put her in my prayer journal and she said oh yes, please.    We prayed and hugged and said bye.  I felt so blessed by meeting her.  She had lost so much but with Jesus, she feels blessed.  After the prayer, she said when I get to heaven I will be a better me than I could ever be down here.

But that is not the end of the story.  This lady was around 5' something.  As I watched her walk to the car, a gentleman asked if I was praying with her?  My first thought did I do something wrong?  But I looked at him with a smile and in his eyes and said Yes Sir.  He smiled.  He said that lady you were talked to --- She is my mother.  Now this man was 6' something and his skin color was very dark brown.  Now I understood what she was saying.  He said, Thank you because she is a new Christian.  She accepted Christ just a couple of years ago.  Soon after she was told she had blood cancer.  My church prayed over her.  The doctors have not started cancer treatment because her blood cancer is healing itself and they are confused.  This is the first good news she has had in over 20 years.  He said thanks again and add her family to your prayer book.  And I did.

Jesus place your protective hand upon this family and I give the honor and glory to you.  In Jesus Name I pray.


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