Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Travel Challenge August 5th


The Travel Challenge August 5th

Monday, August 5

After a good night's sleep and Monday Morning Work ... Done.
The tire looks good.
Off to #Budget.  #Budget took care of me.  Within minutes I had a new vehicle.  #ThankYouBudget.

This time I have more room.  Everything in the new vehicle.  Ate Breakfast, it is noon and raining.  I promised, when it rains too hard, I will stop.  I drove in rain for most of Fl and that's Fl for you.  Yes, I had to stop at rest areas on the way up.

It is midnight and I made it N of Newberry, SC.  My back/tail bone is just hurting too bad to get to Greenville.  This is a nice SUV, but I can't rest in it.  I had to spend the night at the Quality Inn in Clinton, SC to get rest.  I enjoyed the nice bed, hot shower & hot breakfast.  Everyone was very nice. This was all I needed a bed, shower, & breakfast.   Thank you Quality Inn for a comfortable room and a good rate.  Just what this traveler needed & I did not need fancy.


It's Tuesday Morning, I used the guest office area. I answered all my work emails and drive to Greenville, SC for my meeting.

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