Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Travel Challenge August 4th


The Travel Challenge August 4

Always plan for delays.

I picked up my crossover Jeep at 12 and they close at 1pm because it was Sunday.
I organized and packed the Jeep carefully and every square inch is valuable.
We were doing a 360 check around the car before I leave.  We do this to make sure everything is packed and nothing is left in the yard.  We were doing the 360 and we found a SCREW in the sidewall of the passenger rear tire.  I am so thankful we found it before I got on the road.

I called Avis/Budget Roadside service.
    My options were:
        1.  They will change out the tire to a donut and drive up to 50 miles to find an AVIS / Budget Rental place.  That would be to Ft Lauderdale / Hollywood / Maini Airport.  No, I did not want to drive to Miami Airport, even on a Sunday evening.
        2.  Get the tire changed and wait until Monday Morning.
        3. Or just wait.
We choose just wait.  The tire was not losing air and it is past time to eat.  We did not want to wait an hour or until a AAA person to change the tire.

A screw is out of my control, so we went to eat and for a walk.  After eating and walking, we got back just in time to watch a #Hallmark movie.  Because the stress of leaving was gone, we could finally relax and enjoy another night at the beach.

As soon as I know I was not leaving on Sunday and I was not going to be in Greenville Monday.  I texted everyone.  Everyone was happy that I was safe.  That is how to live positive.

I drive people nuts when I say I will get there when I get there or I will try to be there.  If I was a few miles down the road, I would say Yes, 11am, I will be there.  But when you are driving 10 hours + 3 hr for stops + hours for traffic + hours for overnight,  anything could happen.  I refuse to get upset over things out of my control.


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