Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Travel Challenge August 2nd & 3rd


The Travel Challenge August 2nd & 3rd

Friday, August 2

Friday Night is our #DateNight.  After work, we drove to eat.  After we got home, we went on normal walking.  We usually try to find a movie to watch, but we went to #Walmart instead.  I had a list of things I need to buy for the trip.  While I was there getting my list, Mark had his list.  I was needing more steps so I was walking all over the store and back to the buggy.  I went to Walmart to get cheap snacks and toiletries.  If I leave them behind, no biggy.

After I got home, I was packing and trying to find everything needed for the trip.

That was a fun way to get steps and be healthy.


Saturday, August 3

There was no SUV in Pompano or I could go to the Airport or wait until Sunday.
I decided to wait and have another day at the beach.  We went to #BeachGrill and had their hamburger, so good.  We meet one of the new owners of the convenient store at #PompanoBeach beach.  She was very nice.   We talked for a few minutes.  We talked about some improvements, one thing is pricing labels. I am very excited about the changes they are trying to do before the season starts.  The New Owners are hoping to have most of the changes done by November.   Welcome Snowbirds.


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