Friday, August 2, 2019

The Travel Challenge August 1st


The Travel Challenge August 1st

Thursday, August 1

Today was about getting ready.

I make the schedule flexible.
     I also make a list of dates I can't miss.
     I make a list of places I want to go and people to see.

I also check the weather.  #WeatherChannel shows 5 days.   I am always checking for storms.  Weather can change your trip fast.  Any storm can change a day trip into a 2-day trip.

I am using #AAA to rent a car with #Avis #Budget.  I get unlimited miles and great service.  I usually get a small vehicle.  But on this trip, I am getting a bigger vehicle than normal, someone will be riding back with me with suitcases.

I have to pack for everything I need for a month being on the road.
I have to determine what clothes I will need to take with me.
    Driving, Casual, & Sleeping (shorts & t-shirt), Dress & shoes.

Since this trip is at least a month-long, driving and staying in different places.
     I am planning for all new toiletries:
     Shampoo, Conditioner, Dove Body,
     Liquid Hand Soap, and the wipes.
         Wipes are the best thing to carry on a short or long trip.
         Wipes are a quick and easy way to freshen up.

My computer and work files will be packed last.  My computer uses a VPN.  On the road, I use my phone as my Hotspot.  The driving part of the trip will be taking longer than originally planned because of work due.  When work calls, I will find a place to stop like #Starbucks to answer the questions, revise work & turn in work.  When I need to find a room, I stay at a #ChoiceHotel.


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