Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Travel Challenge Adoption


The Travel Challenge Adoption

One morning at breakfast I met a family at a #ChoiceHotel in IL.  The first thing I noticed was the child.  The child was waving and waving at me.  I waved and smiled.  He smiled the biggest smile.  He said Moma, She waved at me.  By this time I had sat down near them.  She said Oh I am so sorry if he is bothering you.  He does not understand that some people do not want to talk to him.  I said He is ok and he is a special child.  The mother said yes, he is very special.  We loved him the first time we saw him in the hospital.  He has Down Syndrome and he a 24/7 child.  But he is very smart when it comes to building blocks.  When I need him to calm down all I have to give him a building block.

After the child was born, the adopting parents found out he had Down Syndrome.  The dad said our son has give us a perspective to living that is priceless.

This child is a good example of "Just Loving."
His mom and dad are examples of loving unconditional.


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