Friday, July 5, 2019

The July KISS Challenge MONDAY 1ST


Monday 1

I have been challenged to be an example.
Write about what I do to #LiveThePositiveLife.
Write about what I see to #LiveThePositiveLife.

#LiveThePositiveLife is all about as we live our lives, live life on purpose and with a purpose to help others and yourself in a positive matter.  

#TheKissChallenge Accepted.

All of these will be tagged with



I do not just give people money to solve people problems.
Especially with a lot of people that just causes more problems.
Money in a homeless person's hand means money for beer and drugs.
A homeless person asks for money for food, I buy them food.
When I give them food, we also talk. I ask questions and they answer.
Everyone has a story, I listen to their story.
When they ask me questions like Why, I tell them because Jesus loves them.
Live The Positive Life.  Keep Things Simple Sweetie on Purpose.

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