Thursday, July 25, 2019

The July Kiss Challenge Wednesday 24th



Tonight after work, we drove to Miami Gill.  They have a $5 chicken pita & fries special.  It was very good.  We told the manager, thank you for good service and good food.

After we ate we went to Old Town Pompano to walk. I like walking in this area.  It is a Haitian Community.   This area is known for the arts.  Also, the First Baptist Church of Pompano is there.  We thanked the Police for there presents.  During church hours they have Police to help with the traffic and people.  As we were walking we were looking at the new stores and apartments being built.  Another thing I like is the security in the area.  I feel safe.  When we see them, we try to speak and tell them we appreciate their presence.  Most speak Creole and French and little English, but they all understand Thank you.


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