Thursday, July 18, 2019



Thursday 18 ... POSITIVE WALK

My goal is to walk between 5,000 - 10,000 steps.
Today's total of 7,941 steps ... 3.85 miles

Walked the dogs ... usually half a mile

After work:
Started at Home
Walked to
Burger King - ate a Whopper Meal & told the manager about a maintenance issue outside (a water leak),  introduced myself and Mark to the new cashier and gave her encouraging words.

Seven11 - bought a banana & Mark got a Reign for walking.,

Pet Supermarket - I had to stop & love on the kittens & get some food for our cats.,

Citgo - bought a Rockstar Revolt Killer Citrus ... it is a higher Octane that Monster and taste like Mt   Due ... Very good.   I got the Rockstar for work tonight.
Also, I saw a homeless lady she works a few hours cleaning & stocking.  she said she was so thankful for her job.  I also spook to Poppe.  He always smiles when we walk in and asked how many miles.  He makes sure that my Rockstar is cold for me.  But Citgo is a story all by itself.

Then walked Home.

As usually we spoke to everyone we could and waved as people waved at us from the cars.  Except for the fall/sitdown on US 1, but that what happens when you have issues walking & the pavement and gutter is uneven... 

From home
Walked To CVS,  bought Epson salts (for my Sprained Ankle), Green Tea & Mark's chocolate.  They had a sale on Green Tea 4/$2
To Home again.

It Is A Good Day.

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