Friday, July 26, 2019

The July Kiss Challenge Thursday 25th


Thursday 25 ...  Live Like A Child

As we out and about tonight.  I saw a lady with some children.  I am assuming she was their mother.

The youngest child was a baby.  He was learning to sit up.
The second child was learning to walk.  He was doing good as long as he was holding on his mother's hand.  The child does not give up.  He kept on trying.
The third child was a runner.  Nothing could stop him until he saw his sister.  So he had to sit in the corner seat and no place to go.  After he ate, the child helped his dad clean up so he could get out of the corner seat.
The fourth child was the older sister.  She was old enough to help Mom with the runner.
I watched the father give out the food to his family and I could hear them saying Thank you.

I was remembering what my grandfather told me.
Sometimes in life, you go thru things that knock you down and you will be like an infant, you can't do anything for yourself.  No matter how strong you think you are, you will have to depend on others.  You will gain your strength.  You will get stronger.  In a few weeks maybe even years, you will back on your feet again.  Then you can help someone else because you will understand their pain, their difficulty.

When my ankle was broken and I had to have surgery.  After surgery, I was like an infant.  I struggled to do anything for myself.  As my ankle healded, I had to do physical therapy.  Just like a child, I tried to stand but I sat down more than stood.  Months later, I stood and took a step.  Even thou I still have my day in which I have a hard time walking usually because of the weather, I thank God every day that I can take care of myself and others.  When I see someone having trouble, automatically my heart wants to help them.


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