Monday, July 29, 2019

The July Kiss Challenge Sunday 28


Sunday 28 ... Be A Good Friend & Neighbor

This weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) I help Mr. M work in his front yard.
It's Florida.  Everyone likes to live outdoors.  He had talked out about creating an outdoor space for years.  I thought we can get this project done in 2 weekends.  The first weekend, get everything ready and second-weekend, place the walking stones.

My Plan:
Step 1: Acquire everything needed for the yard project: rack, screen, stepping stones, etc.
Step 2: Get the stones from the neighbor's house Mr. I to Mr. M's house, approximately 100 ft.
Step 3: Prepare the yard for the stepping stones.
Step 4: Place stepping stones.

  Mr. I, His neighbor across the street had given him some older walking stones.
  We went to Lowes and bought a few things: a good rack & weed screen.
  We went to the store and bought water, Gatorade, and Bang drinks.
  I went to the neighbor and asked if he had a hand truck I could use to get the stones across the street.  Mr. I said if you load and unload I will take them over in my tractor.  What a blessing.   The neighbor & the tractor saved us at least a day of very hard work.

With all good plan, things changed.  The time table went from 2 weekends to 1 weekend.  So this project has to be done Sunday.

After the stepping stones were unloaded.  Saturday another neighbor Mr. A can over to see what we were doing.  He gave some ideas and helped.  We worked until the sun went down.  Mr. A's suggestions of technique helped with the speed.

By Sunday we were running out of steam and a lot of work to be done.  It was around 1pm & HOT.  Mr. A came over.  He said go rest in the shade and I will finish this.  We rested while he finished the ground.  The screen was laid then we made a human chain of passing the stones.  Wow, that saved hours. All the stones were laid.  Later in the evening and the sun setting, we all enjoyed sitting outside laughing and talking.

One person made a big difference.   Two people changed a project from 2 weekends to 1 weekend.    The job got done because people decided to be a good friend and a good neighbor.  Thank you to everyone.


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