Saturday, July 27, 2019

The July KISS Challenge Friday 26th


Friday 26 ...  OVERCOMER

I had the privilege of encouraging a young lady.

We were talking to some people.  The subject of drug and alcohol epidemic & homeless problem come up.   A young lady made a comment to us that she had been homeless and lived on the streets.  We asked her why and how?  She started opening up to us and she told us about how drugs controlled her life to the point of being homeless.  With help, she has turned her life around.  She has been clean for more than 2 years now.  She is trying to get her life in order so she can go to school for a drug rehab counselor.  She said she has a steady job and helpfully starting school in the fall.

We only heard the short version of her life tonight, but I am planning on finding her again.  I would love to take her out to eat and listening to her long story. I am intrigued by her strength but kind spirit.  She will make a difference in peoples lives because she has been there and done that.

With the theme of this month of Keeping It Simple Sweetie ... People can overcome with positive encouragement.  Are you being a positive or negative influence on the people around you?


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