Monday, July 15, 2019



Wednesday 10 ... Say Hi to Everyone.

I try to walk every day for 10,000 steps.  In getting in my miles, I see a lot of different kinds of people.  Today, I lost count after 100, but I tried to wave to everyone I could.
Across the way, I walk by a house being built, I waved to everyone and asked the owner about the progress.  The mail people, FedEx, UPS, trash, police, firefighter, and all the neighbors, etc, they all wave now.  There are several stories on our walk, we wave at them all.  I often stop at Citgo, the manager always has a smile and ask how far have we walked today.  We stop by and get a Water, Enger Drink, GreenTea, or something. Our route takes us up and down US 1 and Atlantic Blvd, several cars blowing their horns at us and hands are waving.


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