Monday, June 3, 2019

The Personal Story: Mrs. C

As a young girl, she lived in Czechoslovakia.  Her mother was from Czechoslovakia and her dad was from Germany.  Then there was a War, her dad had to go and fight.  He was killed in the war.  When the war was over and Germany lost,  her family had to move, move to Germany.  Czechoslovakia did not want her family in their country anymore because they were part German. She said their life was very hard.

When she was around 18, she meets an American Soldier. They fell in love.  He did get her to the US and they soon married. For many years they were happy.  Then he passed.

Her Social Security is minimal.  The Rent and Utilities are so much, she can't pay so she lives in her car.  She works at a Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry for extra food.  She buys books to read and does the daily crossword puzzles.  Even thou she is on the streets living in her car, she is a very nice, clean, and neat person.
I saw her Sunday morning and offered to get her some food, she said I have food thank you.  

Mrs. C ... I did not plan to be by myself, but here I am.  I did not plan to live in my car, but here I am.  I am doing the best I can with what I have.  What I went thru as a child has prepared for today as she smiles.  



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