Wednesday, June 12, 2019


As I was out walking, Mrs.A said she read my Blog on Positive Assignment.

She said she decided she would try to "Just Be Nicer to People."

This was her day:
1.  At work, she opened the door for someone.  As she looked back she noticed others were holding the door for others. She had never noticed that before.

2. At lunch, a girl was sitting by herself.  She asked if she could sit with her.  She said I made a new friend.

3. She had picked up her food to go.  She saw a teenager was counting out coins for his food.  She gave the cashier $5 and walked away before the kid saw who she was.  He was so happy.

She told me today was so much fun that she can't wait until tomorrow.  She said in blessing other, she received a blessing also.  Blessing multiply.


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