Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Personal Story: Mr. J

Mr. J was born and raised in Chicago almost a hundred years ago.
Then can the day when he served his country.  He served as a privilege.
He said World War II and Germany was HELL for both sides.
He does not talk much about those days.

He does not have a house, but he has a van for a home.
He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and doesn't do drugs.
He makes time to read and study His Bible.
So every time I see him, we talk about the Bible.
He has said several times, We are in the last days for America and for this world.

Sometimes I wish I was more like him with his love for Christ and his boldness.
Many years ago, when he became a Christian, he was afraid to tell people about Christ.
He told me with age come perspective.  What can they do to me, I am almost 100.
After the war and after what I have seen,  the world needs God.   


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