Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Decisions and Changes

Charges are hard, even when you have planned them.  In my life right now I am going thru a big change.  These changes are due to a decision I made almost a year ago.  I sold my house and property.  My X-husband and I had bought it around 1990.  I had moved in 2004.  In my house, I had things that belong to my children and grandchild. I have lived several places and of course, all those things ended up in that house.  So I had extra bedding, extra kitchen items (plates, silverware, utilities, pots/pans, etc.).  The hardest part was going thru memories.  I decided since I am moving to a smaller place I am only bringing positive memories.  I had a couch and chair, yes I needed it.  But it was filled with too many bad memories, so it when to the curb.  A gentleman asks me about the chairs, I said please take it. I told him I had too many things to move.  He laughed, I understand.  As we go thru life we have opportunities to remove things in our life.  this was one of those time.  Yes it hurts.  Now the move is over, sometimes I regret leaving somethings behind, but there is a BIG burden lifted.  Holding on to the past will not bring it back.  Just letting go is hard, but it freeing.

Changes are hard.

Negative Changes are burdens.

Positive Changes are freeing.



Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Never Say It's Ok

I was at an Interstate rest area.  I saw a lady being yelled at by a man.  When she went to the restroom, I followed.  I said I have been in your place, what can I do to help?  She said nothing.  He is mad because I have to use the restroom.  Why do you say "IT'S OK".  He said he was sorry.  But that was not OK for him to yell at you.  I asked her to say thank you for saying you are sorry.  She said but he apologized.  I explained just saying "I'm sorry" is not an apology.  Saying Sorry is just that you are sorry that you said or did something OR you are trying to get out of trouble.  An apology is regretting the action (I'm Sorry) and finding a way not to do it again.  Do you see a way for the argument not to happen again?  Yes only if I do not eat or drink anything and I don't have to go to the restroom for the next 10 hours.    I know that is not going to happen.  If she does, she will have health problems.  Before she could finish using the restroom, he was knocking on the door, yelling for her to get out of the restroom.  There were a few ladies in the restroom, she would not tell us her name or where she is from and where she is going to and who the man was.  We gave her some money/change so she could call for help.  I hope she is ok.

Everyone, if someone is hurting you, Do not tell them "IT'S OK."   Saying that does not make the problem go away.  It's not Ok.  It is never OK. When you say it's ok, you tell them if you say I'm sorry then you can yell at me.  When there are high emotions, try to stay calm.  Anger breeds anger.  Yelling breeds yelling.  In the heat of the moment, a lot of things are said and done that should never happen.  If things are physical, please seek help.  Find a safe place to go.




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