Saturday, September 29, 2018

Here come another decision.

  You wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, get to work on time.  Everything is good.  You only wish all your days were this perfect. There has not been a single issue until at 4pm, you are asked to go to the conference room.  Your first thoughts were "Am I being fired? Man, I knew today was too good."  Then your negative thoughts were interrupted by others entering the conference room too.  You think "Why are they letting all of us go?  There are a lot of Senior people here.  The company must be hurting to let go of all these people."

  An older man stands and said, Hello everyone.  Everyone in this room has a choice to make over the weekend ... Stay here in Wolf Bay office as apart of the leadership team to save this plant and might be laid off in a year or move to a small town in KY.  We will need your decision on Monday morning.

  If you choose KY, the positions are leadership roles, the company's campus includes furnished condos for all employees.  All employees will have 2 weeks to get there.  The company will fly anyone who wants to fly and ship some personal things or the employee can drive and bring their car and person items.

  In a year the office might be closing without No chance of employment. You will have family and friends and church.  You could be apart of the team who saves the plant. 

  Do you stay to try to save your hometown plant or do you move to upgrade the KY plant?

  Not all decisions are not negative vs positive, but it is a decision.  Not making a decision is a decision also.  You have to decide what is best for you and your family.  Something to think about: why was it so easy to think negative thoughts and going into the meeting.




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