Thursday, April 6, 2017

Starting the New Day

The new day:

Every morning take a few minutes to remember your list of positive things in your life as you get ready.  

Budget time to Plan to have a Positive day. 

First: Write down or review your calendar … people, places, things and times
(It is good to look at a few days out to plan your week).
Example: Co-Workers, Diner, Project Committee, 8pm Thursday

Second: Write down the Top Projects and Specific Details to do.
          Example: Finalize colors for the Conference Room to present at the meeting.

ThirdWho do you need to contact and why
          Example: Steven – email – Available Dates on Starting on the Painting Project.

ForthWho do you need to reply to and why
          Example:  Reply to Group e-mile – Ready for the meeting.

I have worked for several Engineering Companies with different time management technique.  This is one of the formats I have learned.  I know this is a flashback to the 80’s, but it works.  By the way, when you write down the information and check it off the list, you will have a feeling of accomplishment.  That is very Positive.    




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