Saturday, April 1, 2017

Before You Go To Sleep

Sleep Time:

The best way to have a good day is to have a good night.  It does not matter what time of day you go to sleep.  Take 15 minutes before you go to sleep, write down as many POSITIVE things that you can. Then out loud, if you can, read and reread each item on the list until the rush of the day is gone and you are thinking about good positive things. As you think of more positive things, add them to your list. 

I started out by making a generic list just to have a list but over time my list became more specific to day today.  As my life changed, the list changed.  With work, as I started or ended a project, I added or removed the project.  With my family, I pray for each member and how they are a blessing.  When I wake up in the middle of the night, I would go over the list in my thoughts to go back to sleep. 

I pray during this time ... thanking God for all the positive aspect of my life.  I read and reread my personal list to Him.  During this time, I do not ask God you do anything for me, I just thank God for all He has done for me and for all the Positive things in my life.




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