Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Journey to be Positive

The Journey:

To be very Honest ... the truth is ... Some days it is very hard to POSITIVE.  Some days I just do not want to be Positive, but I choose to be Positive.  Some days it is very hard to smile, I smile because I refuse to cry.  Tears of pain have taken to many years of my life.  I have decided that this cycle has to change.

I find myself traveling a lot, by bus, by train or by car.  I was driving from SC to NC, I stopped at a fast food / truck stop / gas station, I just wanted to get a bit & gas and keep on driving down the road.  It was hard but I smiled and said have a wonderful day.  As the lady gave me my change, she said thank you with a smiled.  I could just tell she need the smile as much as I needed her smile.

That encounter put me on this journey to find positive ways to live.  This is my experience and my opinion.  I am not a professional, but I have listened to thousands of speakers from attitudes and Bible Studies to sales and zeal.  Life has been my biggest teacher: good and bad and ugly, marriage and divorce, children and miscarriages, life and death, betrayal and forgiveness… on and on the list goes on.



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